Power Projects

MAXIM completed construction on the 204 MW Milner 2 (“M2”) Simple Cycle Gas Turbine (“SCGT”) in Q2 2020 and is currently converting M2 to Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (“CCGT”) by installing a heat recovery unit. When complete, the Milner site will generate ~300 MW of efficient natural gas-fired generation.

In total, MAXIM has over 500 MW of natural gas and wind development projects at various stages.


Grande Cache, Alberta


Jenner, Alberta

M2 Additional Permitted Projects at Milner Crown Lands
COD Q2 2020 Q4 2023(3) TBA(2) TBA(2)
Capacity (MW) 204 ~300 346 200
 Fuel Type Gas Gas Gas Wind
 Development Operational Construction Advanced (major permits obtained) Resource assessment

(1) The CCGT expansion will utilize the existing Milner 1 steam turbine to improve efficiency and add ~96 MW of generating capacity to the M2 project.

(2) Timing to be announced upon advancement of commercial terms.

(3) Construction of the CCGT expansion of M2 project is greater than 99% complete. Hot commissioning activities are anticipated to occur Q3 2023 with an anticipated COD of Q4 2023.